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(film review) - Black Nativity

So, I only saw this film because my friend told me about it. I might have seen the poster for it or something somewhere about it but had I not arranged to meet up with my friend who I haven't seen for a long time who suggested to see it, I would have not known about this film. It just didn't flag up on my radar nor was I really interested in it. But myself being myself, I thought I'd give this film a gander. The film is about a young single mother Naima (Jennifer Hudson) who is dealing with difficult times and trying to raise her child at the same time. With news  that she will only have a matter of days left before she is evicted, she decides to send her teenage son, Langston (Jacob Latimore) to his estranged grandparents while she tries to deal with her problems. Reverend Cornell Cobb (Forest Whittaker) and his wife Aretha Cobbs (Angela Bassett) take this young man in and try to steer his life in a positive way while he is with them, but whilst being away from his mothe

(film review) - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

So, it has been a year since I last did a review on  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and it has come around again in which the sequel has just come out and I have seen it and it is absolutely great. Just so you know from the get go, I liked the first hobbit film a great deal. One thing I didn't mention in my review was, although the film was beautiful and was at a steady pace, I did feel at a certain point that this film was dragging a little or possibly I was expecting a little bit more than just a steady pace. It might have been when my mind clock/stopwatch alerted me to the fact that this film has gone past the 2 hour mark, in which I'm sure this happens with a lot of people. But for the sequel in the Hobbit Trilogy, my clock/stopwatch may have done a single beep rather than alarm bells ringing for 5mins. The film starts with Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) in a Bar and gets approached by Gandelf the Grey (Ian McKellen). They have a conversation which then t

(film review) - Carrie

This might be one of my shortest reviews. Not because the film was wack, but more to do with seeing this film for the first time without no previous film to go from. Even taking this film on it's own merit, there is not a lot to talk about. As mentioned in wiki, the definition of a Reboot is as follows " In  serial fiction , to  reboot  means to discard all  continuity  in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and backstory from the beginning ". With that said, in film and in hollywood, reboots are done because THEY are running out of ideas (well this is what I think). However, for the most part, reboots were done to revitalise a franchise and as we advance into the future with technologies changing daily, we can retell a story much better than how it was previously done before (sometimes). Nowadays, it is all about money, it would seem. Contracts and competition. An example of this would be, the new Spider-Man franchise. To be honest,

(film review) - Gravity

I really want to make a gravity joke but right now, I can't even think straight. If you are interested in this film after seeing the trailer, then this film is a must see. I saw it in 2D and from one of my closest mates, he stated to me that I have failed. So, I will reiterate. If you are interested in this film after seeing the trailer, this film MUST be seen in 3D. However, if you care not for the film, then read no further. The film stars Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone who is on her first space shuttle mission aboard the space shuttle Explorer. Already floating in space on a space walk to carry out repairs/services on a space telescope, she is accompanied by Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and a red shirt (he didn't really have a red shirt, but...). As they are carrying out astronaut stuff, things most of us don't care about, mission control in Houston warn them of a russian missile strike on a Satellite somewhere else orbiting earth which causes a chain reaction o

(film review) - Thor: The Dark World

For those of you who know me, I try and keep abreast of all the latest information coming out of Marvel in regards to film, and DC for that matter. I have never been a comic fanatic, but I love some of the character's DC and Marvel have produced. I like different character's for different reasons and so should anybody else, I guess. But I mean, if I were to choose between two clever/intelligent rich guys from Marvel or DC, I would pick Batman. Batman will always win in a fight. Spider-Man is one of my favourites with Wolverine coming second (out of Marvel anyway), so you can imagine my excitement should they place them in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sh*t, they don't even need to use Hugh Jackman (I know, I know)...let's bring on somebody else to play him, I'am totally fine with that as long as it has everything that makes, Wolverine, Wolverine. Fan boys would be pissed, but who really cares, really? Dude better just do a fine job as Wolvie, right? Big sho

(film review) - Kick-Ass 2

So, a lil while back, Thursday, 8 April 2010 to be precise, I did a blog on Kick-Ass and I said and I quote "I had NO IDEA what this film was about. Spider-Man? Batman? Green Lantern? Some silly teen movie with something random like superheroes and making the film a whole lot shittier than the idea of making 'Blood & Chocolate' a film?". Well although Blood & Chocolate still remains to be one of my most shittiest films I have ever seen and now that I have seen the first Kick-Ass, I was somewhat prepared for Kick-Ass 2. With that said, the film still managed to surprise me with what it entailed. The film carries on from the first Kick-Ass Movie where Dave Lizewski () has retired from crime fighting, but Hit-Girl () continues. The actions of Dave aka Kick-Ass has inspired members of the city to also become costumed vigilantes who are trying to seek justice, just as Dave started out. Red Mist (), still not over his fathers death changes his name to 'T

(film review) - Man of Steel

After seeing Man of Steel, I was left a little perplexed. I wasn't sure what to think overall about the whole film. I did feel disappointed and I did feel the film could have been better. However, if I were to give this film a number out of 10 with 10 being really good and 1 being really bad, this film would get 7.5 and not 9 or 10 in what it seems everyone else seems to be giving it. I can debate this all day! ALL DAMN DAY! But I won't. I will only explain my view of the film from what I experienced from the story and how it was delivered. First of all, Everyone knows the story of Superman and there has been 5 films before this one. (No one rates the fourth Reeves one) The chances are of the audience knowing Superman's abilities is very high anyway. So, with that said, I'll keep this Sypnosis very brief. Jor-El has a child with his wife on a dying planet. He sends newborn child in a space capsule across the stars to the Sol System to land on Earth to live so tha

(film review) - Iron Man 3

Most people love technology and flashy hi-tech stuff. Moreover, having an Iron Man suit is something you are likely to put on your Christmas wish-list. I mean, who wouldn't want to shoot energy proton lasers from their chest or hands? Better yet, running late for work? Suit-Up and fly to work. With invincible armor, you can do almost anything you like, right? Well, sort of, but it doesn't stop you from being human. Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) has endured a lot of things. Since becoming Iron Man, his life has become more important and at the same time, even more at risk. There are bad guys everywhere who want a piece of that armor or a least some kind of armor which works just the same. Obadiah Stane with the Iron Monger suit. Ivan Vanko as Whiplash with his energy powered "whips". And with almost losing his life, again, after aliens attack New York, Tony Stark is left in a state or shock and restlessness. I mean, from someone being someone who is super intellig

(film review) - Star Trek Into Darkness

I was thinking to myself just now, 2009? I'm sure I did a Star Trek 2009 review!? So, I went trekking through my archives and never found it. Needless to say, you probably saw what I did there, lol, but that isn't why I mentioned it. I saw Star Trek 2009 and it was such a refreshing retro futuristic film that if you know what I mean, then, you know what I mean. Just to give an idea of the film. The film starts with Chris Hemsworth (Pre-Thor) as the first officer, George Kirk of the USS Kelvin, sustaining heavy attack by a Romulan ship in which commander Nero (Eric Bana) is searching for Spock and sends the USS Kelvin into oblivion just after George manages to rescue the crew by sending them to safety and his pregnant wife Winona who is about to give birth to James T. Kirk. Years later, reckless yet intelligent Kirk joins starfleet and meets up with emotionless Spock, has a bar punch up along the way, an allergic reaction, becomes a major pain in the ears for Spock who eje

(film review) - Oblivion

Only through watching this film, I realise I have a degree of liking for Tom Cruise. I don't love the guy or love his films, but I do enjoy them. I sat down in the cinema watching this film while the person next to me was whining about how I'm never picking a film again and how they can't stand Tom Cruise, I on the other hand thought it was bizzarre. I mean, I've said it before, Tom Cruise in a film is, well, Tom Cruise. Kind of like how Jason Statham is Jason Statham and some actors don't necessarily totally embody themselves into a character and make that character their own. You could say that about a lot of actors and maybe say, this is bad acting. But when I got hom I realised, maybe it isn't bad acting, it's a method of having a living person stand out as that person rather than a character played out. So instead of seeing the characters played by Tom, you see Tom playing different characters, which is a lot different. Anyway, just something I was th

(film reviews) - Olympus Has Fallen

I read someone before that Olympus Has Fallen is this years Die Hard. Now for those who don't know me, I'm a fan of Bruce Willis. I LOVE DIE HARD MOVIES!!! And for those who know me would understand the puzzled/confused face I pulled. So, I'm sure you could understand that a comment like that would be Blaspheming on the whole Die Hard Movie Franchise especially as a Die Hard movie came out THIS YEAR!!! (See Review Here: A Good Day To Die Hard) But the comment was, well, not THAT far from the truth. I still dislike the comment, but after seeing this film after AGDTDH enable me to criticise where necessary. First of all, the film starts Gerald Butler who I feel is a very decent actor. I do like him and ever since I saw him in 300, I thought, he is THAT guy. Going on to Law Abiding Citizen, he solidified that feeling. He plays a former US Army Ranger Mike Banning, who is the lead Secret Service Agent assigned to head the Presidential Detail for the President of the U

(film review) - Flight

I almost cried. Like, very almost cried. I was slightly on the verge of crying watching this film and I'm not too proud to admit that. Damn, I'm a grown man and I have feelings too. I understand. I have empathy. And I've got to say, I left the cinema thinking, "That was a Brilliant Movie". Someone asked me if it was Denzel's best performance, hmmm...I don't know. But the story for me was great. The film is about an Airline Captain named William "Whip" Whitaker (Denzel Washington) who on one day, flies a plane which eventually crashes and he gets knocked out from the impact. However, upon waking up from his state in a hospital, he is crowned a national hero as he was able to saves some lives. But as investigators look into the crash and who or what caused the catastrophe, they say that Whip was flying a plane under the influence of toxins in his blood stream in which they took samples when he was out cold and it also meant that he could spend

(film review) - Gangster Squad

So, late last year I was watching an IGN reviw about something, I can't remember right now and it was mentioning films to look out for. I believe it was someone talking about Peter Jackson 'The Hobbit', then went on to say, Ironman 3 and a few others I simply didn't care for or remember, but Gangster Squad stood out. I remember seeing the trailer and thinking, "Damn, this looks interesting" So, I set out to watch it and boy did I find this film, a very good watch. It stars then child Goonies actor, Josh Brolin (I had to say that as I think that is amazing and he has come a long way) as Sgt. John O'Mara who is personally selected by chief Bill Parker (Nick Nolte) to take down Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn), a rising to power gangster in post WWII Los Angeles. In order to do this, John must get together the finiest men and form the Gangster Squad in order to help him take down L.A's most powerful figure against his reluctant wife Connie's (Mireille En

(film review) - Jack Reacher

Such a simple name for such a simple guy. Jack Reacher. A name that kinda sticks a little as well if you say it a few times. Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher. And although a lot of the times, if not nearly every single film Tom Cruise has ever done, bar Tropic Thunder and as an IMF Agent, Tom Cruise is like Jason Statham to me. He is only 1 Character. I think there comes a time in viewing history that an actor doesn't necesarily look like a character, only who they really are. And I think this is due to make-up or even bad acting. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham act to be all these different characters, yet to some people, i.e, myself they just look like themselves in a different movie. Maybe it's my lack of imagination. But Michael Fassbender, Sir Ian McKennen, Hugo Weaving & Johnny Depp to me, AREN'T who they are, but the characters they portray. Do you get what I mean? Maybe it's just me. However with that said, it doesn't take aw

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