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(film review) - Dredd

I am the Law!!! Do you remember that line? I'm sure it was in the trailer for the original Judge Dredd. Delivered by the blue or was it, grey!?! I think, grey-eyed Sylvester Stallone, way back when, in 1995 just before, well, you know, when things started going a bit bleak for the actor. I mean, Demolition Man was a great film and Cliffhanger also, but other than the Rambo's and Rocky's, what else was there? I couldn't tell you how old I was when I watched the first Judge Dredd, but I remember watching it with my mum and thinking, this film is rubbish. At that time I thought, meh. I barely knew about the comic as I had read 1 or 2 but the film was very lackluster for me. How many years later, with what I believe to be not much hype around a brand new film based on the same character, which is not a sequel, but as a reboot for possibly a new franchise, (most likely, as they would like to do a Trilogy) one would wonder, is this reboot necessary or better yet, was it

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