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(film review) - Total Recall

The classic of classic films. If you grew up in the 80's you will know 1 of many things and that is, the 80's was such an era where a lot happened. In my opinion, the best cartoons, the best toys and major films which birthed action hero's. Birthed stars who are seen as OLD now, but are big Legends in the game. From Sylvester Stallone, to Bruce Willis to Arnold Scwarzenegger, back then, "acting" wasn't THAT necessary, but put a sword, gun or harpoon into someone's hand, give them a decent story-line, one liners, some cheese and have them save the girl in the end. Add some curse words, blood, spit, a round-house kick and huge explosions and THAT was your action film. Funny thing is, the formula just doesn't get old. As for a remake of a classic film done non-other by, one-liner hero, Arnold Scwarzenegger, I was pretty dubious about how this remake would go down. Now, Len Wisemen is somewhat my hero. His wife is Kate Beckinsale, who I think is ver

(film review) - The Bourne Legacy

Jason Bourne is THAT GUY! You might be wondering, what type of guy is that. Well, if you have seen any of the other Bourne films, you'll understand. He is that guy who might miss every now and then when he's shooting, but always gets to his targets. He will find you. He will be in your home without you knowng unless you know how he operates. He is methodical and meticulous. Jason Bourne is an assassin with amnesia. The problem with Bourne was, he signed up for something and being the very first, there were some kinks which needed to be ironed out. With him having amnesia also meant that he was a confused soul who kept running to stay alive and kill whoever it is, with his set of skills, that got in his way from his goals. Like I said, Jason Bourne is THAT GUY! Now, this NEW guy? He isn't exactly Jason Bourne at all. I'll explain the film. The films starts with Aaron Cross going for what seems to be a leisurely swim as he is out in Alaska for a training assignment

(film review) - Ted

A story about a grown man and a Teddy Bear. Ummm, yeah. I'm sure if this was pitched to you, you would be disinterested and think, what a load of codswollop. Well, being from the creative mind of the man who brought to you, Family Guy & American Dad, I'm sure you would think otherwise. John Bennett is a grown man living with a Teddy Bear called Ted, a live, living, moving, eating, walking and talking Teddy Bear. Having been in a long term relationship with his partner Lori, John hopes to Marry her but realises that his now dirty, vulgar and obnoxious wastrel bear may need to be kicked out and find his own place as John needs to move on. Without going into the film too much as it is something you will be able to gather from watching the trailer that this film is stupid, silly, but funny. However, what would you expect from Seth MacFarlane. That is the general gist of things and what you will see in the movie is love, friendship and a lot of obscene things along with foul

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