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(film review) - The Dark Knight Rises

I've said this before and I will say it again, people will always compare, it's human nature. With that said, I completely understand why this film has mixed reviews. Let's put this film into prospective. Everything about this film is Human. What I mean by that is, throughout the Nolan Trilogy, Nolan was able to bring a fantasy character in a semi fantasy universe alive in the real world to make it seem real enough to be believeable rather than fantasy. With that said, this is why you don't see a character like Clayface or Poison Ivy. I mean in a real world, how would this work? Marvel have successfully translated this in the films leading up to The Avengers, but I'm more curious as to how NOLAN will make it work. Some people already proclaim him as a God and watching his films, damn. I digress. So, without a shadow of doubt, Heath Ledger's Joker stand's tall among all the character's in the Dark Knight Trilogy, but with the success of the second m

(film review) - The Amazing Spider-Man

All people do is, compare. I guess that is how we monitor progression and/or evolve. You start with something then you try to do better. Kinda like making improvements or beating your personal best. If you never knew the story of Spider-Man from the comics, then 10 years ago, there was a film which told you that story. (For a brief description on all the Spider-Man films seek : Pre-Amazing Spider-Man  [Tobey Maguire] ) In this film, the story is told but in a slightly different way. The Amazing Spider-Man will be compared to other comic book films as well as the previous Spider-Man films. From what I have read and heard so far, the film is generally getting mixed reviews but mostly positive. However, you will need to bare in mind before watching this film, YOU CANNOT COMPARE THIS TO THE LAST COMIC BOOK/MARVEL FILM ( The Avengers ), as that is just not fair. Compare this to another remake such as The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk or Ironman 1. From before this film came out, I u

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