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(film review) - Prometheus

I'm sure, for the longest time, Director Ridley Scott said that this new film called Prometheus had nothing to do with Alien and it was merely set in the same Alien Universe. With that said and upon hearing reviews, from many people telling me this film is around about 1 out of 10 and a direct prequel to Alien. Although I needed to see this film, I definately needed to see this film now. The film starts with this ultra ripped funny toned alien humanoid guy who is soo ripped, he could cut bread with his edges. He is by this waterfall and seemingly as if he has been left purposely, he opens this small thing which has black liquid in and drinks it, then dies. His body disintegrates leaving his DNA "seeding" the Earth. For some people, the film should have just stopped there. So, as the film goes on, the story revolves around archaeologist couple Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover a star map among several unconnected ancie

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