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(film review) - Safe House

You can't actually say to a stranger, friend or family member that you dislike Denzil Washington. You'd probably get slapped. I mean what is there not to like? Dude chooses his rolls well and you can't say he doesn't. Not only does he have good roles, he is a phenomenal actor. I can think of a few films and everybody remembers Training Day. Damn, didn't he get an Oscar for that? I've got 'The Hurricane' at home and that's a good film and so is the 'The Manchurian Candidate' and 'The Book of Eli', 'Man on Fire', 'Deja Vu', 'Inside Man', the list honestly just goes on and on.

Now as usual as I don't do spoilers, I'm not going to give the film away. But as I remember from the trailers, Tobin Frost (Denzil Washington) is on the run and is brought to a Safe House under the care of Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds), but as soon as he is transferred, things start going haywire and not only does Tobin try to escape his "captors" and keep himself alive, it is a battle of mind games between Tobin & Matt and who can and can not be trusted especially in their line of work.

This film is a great watch. I'm not saying this because I'm a fan of Denzil, I think he's ok. Yeah I said it, JUST OK! But It was great to see Robert Patrick in there (you know, Liquid Metal Man from Terminator 2) and the action was very consistent. There were no dead moments where you kind of thought, "sigh, why hasn't this film finished yet or c'mon, i wanan see some action". But like most Denzil films, or possibly of more recent times, there are some twists and turns. Denzil does play a good Villian.

Have a watch, I'm sure you will like it.


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