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(film review) - The Dictator

I'm not sure what to make of this. I mean, I like Sacha as I do find him funny. In fact, he is very clever. Well, considering that he went to the University of Cambridge and read about history at Christs College, he manages to subtlely or sometimes blatantly highlight current issues with the world with "hidden" or not so hidden messages. I love it when he does this. However, this film? I first caught onto his comedy when he was on the 11 O'Clock Show and he often displayed a few of his different characters, Ali G, Borat and also Bruno. There has also been a film called Ali G, a film called Borat (also reviewed here)  and also a film called Bruno, but in terms of the level of homour, in my own personal opinion, Borat has always been my favourite. The film Borat to me, was the funniest of all his films. Outrageously funny, stupidly dumb/funny and generally one of if not, the best barrel of laughs I've ever had from a film. With that said, every film Sacha will d

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