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(film review) - The Avengers

I just need to start this off first and foremost by saying, Hulk Smash.

So, the moment we have all been waiting for. A film with so much stars and warrants soo much awesomeness that has to be cradled and supported with a good or worthy enough storyline that the people, the viewers and the fans are satisfied and can't complain or want to, do, saying the storyline was rubbish but the action was great. Expendables.

I ask, who is your favourite superhero? Ok, from the Marvel Universe? Ok, ok, from these recent films building up to The Avengers?

The idea of the Avengers Initiative is to have a band of heroes protecting Earth when Earth needs them the most from a force that your favourite Superhero could not manage alone. Cue, Hulk Smash. These Heroes would need to work together and band as a team to conquer the evil so that us normal, boring, unsuperintelligent, freak accident-free and/or mutant cell-free dwellers of Earth may carry on living our lives.

This film is just great.

I'm not just saying that for the special effects, the storyline was pretty decent too. Just to recap and hopefully in chronological order.
Ironman (Robert Downey, Jr) caught the attention of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and mentioned the Avengers Initiative to him. Nick then went to General Thunderbolt to talk to him about the whereabouts or "release" of The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton, but replaced by Mark Ruffalo) and then the Asgardian Demi-God Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his mischievous brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) comes to earth, just to level a small town around the same time Tony Stark had to battle Whiplash. Loki then comes back with an army of beings from out of space called Chitauri's (Skrulls) in which they intend to use the Tesseract in which The Red Skull used trying to rule the world, thwarted by Captain America (Chris Evans), to rule the world. The problem is, will the Avengers work together successfully and manage to stop the enemy?
At one point the film felt like it was dragging a touch, but then I'm pretty sure every superhero has a dry spell, no?
Make sure you watch. Joss Whedon did damn well on this one. Funny, sad, even funnier, awesome and when things were looking like, resistance is futile, the film comes up on top. And I personally think you can expect a lot of things from this film, but come away from it, totally satisfied and geared up for part 2.

And I end this saying, Hulk Smash!!!


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