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(film review) - The Avengers

I just need to start this off first and foremost by saying, Hulk Smash. So, the moment we have all been waiting for. A film with so much stars and warrants soo much awesomeness that has to be cradled and supported with a good or worthy enough storyline that the people, the viewers and the fans are satisfied and can't complain or want to, do, saying the storyline was rubbish but the action was great. Expendables. I ask, who is your favourite superhero? Ok, from the Marvel Universe? Ok, ok, from these recent films building up to The Avengers? The idea of the Avengers Initiative is to have a band of heroes protecting Earth when Earth needs them the most from a force that your favourite Superhero could not manage alone. Cue, Hulk Smash. These Heroes would need to work together and band as a team to conquer the evil so that us normal, boring, unsuperintelligent, freak accident-free and/or mutant cell-free dwellers of Earth may carry on living our lives. This film is just grea

(film review) - The Cabin In The Woods

It's Only A Gameshow, Right? Well, we should start looking into "Gameshows" a bit more, judging by this one. We aren't told much about this film other than the fact that these teenagers go to a cabin in the woods for a little break. However, for some reason these kids are dying and it all seems to be a little big brother-ish with them being the "puppets" and these cosy other people who are watching them being the puppeteers. Chris Helmsworth from Home and Away or who you might remember him, donning a rich red cape (no not superman) as Thor, is one of the lead characters in this film. I'd rather not go into it too much because, although you might think of Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake, this film is nothing like this at all. Other than the hack and slash elements to it. Oh, and the woods. Oh, and the lake. But I'd strongly recommend to watch the trailer to get an idea as I don't want to give it away, but there are strange things afoot

(film review) - Battleship

Considering this was or meant to have been based on a board/electronic game in which one person tried to guess and blow up their opponents Battleship by guessing where their ship(s) are, this film actually DID pull it off. Plus although Rihanna wasn't much use (It could have been anyone - she did well) her acting wasn't too shabby. Would need to see more from her and she DID make me laugh a few times, but was Officer Riggs, Riggs? or Riggs Rihanna!?! Anyway, you have the premise. You are trying to blow up a ship. Well, not you, hopefully, but the aim is to blow up the other ships, in this film. Centered around up and coming star straight from John Carter and most might know him from X-Men Origins: Wolverine playing the role of Gambit, Lt. Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is first seen as a complete idiot going out of his way in order to either 1, get a girls number or 2. sleep with her. What he does, is beyond amusing and doesn't surprise me, however, during the film at some

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