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(film review) - Colombiana

I'm going to try and do this review without being bias, as Zoe Saldana can't seem to do anything wrong, in my eyes anyway. She is up and coming and very very easy on the eye. As for her acting, I wouldn't say excellent in all honesty, I need to see more of her. I mean more from her. But all in all, she is very good and from starting her acting career in 2000 on screen, going from film to film such as 'Get Over It' with Sisqo, to 'Drumline' with Nick Cannon, then going onto working with Johnny Depp on 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'The Terminal' with Tom Hanks and then starring as one of the lead stars in 'Avatar' along with Sam Worthington, you cannot say she isn't working Hard. And to now, in her OWN film where the central star is HER, you cannot say she hasn't done well for 11 years on screen. So after this film, I'm happy to say, I'M A FAN. This film is from the same person (Luc Besson) who did Taken with Liam Ne

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