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(film review) - Captain America: The First Advenger

Steve Rogers was just any ordinary guy, but when Steve Rogers bit into a Banana, he became... actually, that's Eric. Steve Rogers bits into a banana and becomes, Steve Rogers, no changes. Poor guy. But with that said, the story of Steve Rogers goes like this. He is an average guy, if anything, very thin, mild-mannered and would do anything for his country; even join the Army. However, Steve gets rejected for the Army on multiple occassions for not passing standard requirements and then puts himself down for the super soldier enhancement program which turns him into Captain America. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, sinister Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) is trying to rule the with a device called the 'Tesseract', and Captain America is the only person who can stop him, along with his band of merry men. Dispite what anyone says, this film is very decent. I think, if you compare with Ironman and Ironman 2, then your not understanding the film and when it was

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