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(film review) - Limitless

Bradley Cooper isn't doing too bad for himself lately. To me, he was just some guy with blue eyes and long hair who resembles Seth Green when his hair is short (Could pass as brothers), but as I don't watch Nip Tuck, Sex in the City, Law & Order or Alias, the only film I could say I've seen him in, after being reminded of course was, Wedding Crashers. For me, Mr. Cooper popped "onto" the scene in the film, The Hangover. I couldn't even try to break down the brilliance of that film, but the brilliant acting from all actors, for me, got Mr. Cooper more recognised. Not only did he play Templeton Peck in The A-Team and is going to reprise his role as Phil Wenneck in The Hangover part 2, Limitless is a 'sure see' if you are a Bradley Cooper fan. So, it's said that we only use 20% of our brain. In actual fact we use 100% of our brain at different times, apparently, but I know what they mean. Imagine using 100% of your brain at any one time! Now that&

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