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(film review) - Unknown

Liam Neeson is the Action Man right about now! Not sure if he is up there in the heavy roster that are The Expendables but damn, Mr. Chop-A-Guy-In-His-Throat Neeson is back with another film in which I thought I'd see at least ONE chop in the throat.
Maybe I blinked and missed it but at the end of the film, I did actually feel like something was missing. That swift chop to the throat would have done nicely.

Have you seen the trailer to this film? I saw the trailer and I have got to say, if you have seen as much movies as me, that trailer would definitely tell you the whole story straight off or something very close to it. You wouldn't even need to watch the film. However, watching the film would only be for clarity and ease of mind. There is going to be a trailer after all of this so I will let you all decide what is going on.

In brief. Man has wife. Man goes on a trip with wife. Man gets into an accident. Man's memory is broken up. Man tries to find wife. Man finds wife. Wife doesn't know man. Wife has a different husband. Man gets upset. Man gets confused. Killers hunt for man. Killers try to kill man. Man makes his escape. Man needs to find out the truth. Who is this man.

If you really think about it, you can actually guess what has happened which doesn't really deter you from watching the film. I think, since watching Taken, every member of the audience is looking for that swift blow to the throat. *sigh*

Anyway, decent watch. I did feel that some parts were unnecessary and some bits were predictable, but nonetheless, it weren't all bad at all. I've seen shoddier films. This weren't one of them. Plus, with Liam 'Chop-A-Man-In-His-Throat' Neeson on board, you can't really complain much. His acting isn't bad!


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