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(film review) - Skyline

This could quite possibly be one of my shortest reviews ever. It's shit. The End. Only joking. Well on the fact that this is the end of the review anyway, but in regards to the film, hmmmm. The storyline seemed interesting. The special effects from a low budget film were standard and well, ummm....well, what you see in the trailer is more or less the film. Imagine, Cloverfield. A film shot in 'Found Footage' style and because of the "EVENT" and what is going on, no one is none-the-wiser as to what is going on at all, so the film finishes and you leave the cinema thinking "WTF...what was all that about!?! What were their purpose? etc, etc" Well, we didn't need found footage for this film. Not to say that style was used, but I actually got NOTHING from the film to really detail and explain about it. It literally was like watching Cloverfield and thinking the same thing when it ended. But Cloverfiled IMO is 10 times much better. I'll give you the pl

(film review) - Paranormal Activity 2

There was only ONE film that made me feel uncomfortable. That kind of uncomfortable where it's borderline violation. Where for a moment during the preview of the film, you take into account the emptied seats, the aiery feeling and you can actually hear your heart beating. The silence is so quiet that if you focused, you could probably hear someone breathing. Just hope that the person you hear is either YOU or a living breathing and speaking person your sat next to because that chill down your spine will make you think otherwise. That was 6th Sense for me. A brilliant film but a few things in that film just made me feel very uncomfortable. This film is similar. Maybe it's the fact that you see what's happening but can't see what is doing it because Michael Myers, Jason Vorheez, Daniel Robitaille and Freddy Kruger were very visable. I don't know. Without spoiling the film too much, all I can say that this film is very much like the first one but although I found the f

(film review) - Takers

Sorry, but first things first. I like hayden Christensen as an actor. Maybe it's because I'm a Star Wars fan (not THAT much into it like going to conventions, just the story), but his acting in that was excellent. He wasn't seen as young Anakin in this film so I weren't expecting him to draw a Lightsabre or anything. If you seek my older reviews, I did one on Jumper and that was an watchable film that lacked storyline. With that said, it is kind of like this film. And his character kept wear this dodgy hat, ALL THE TIME! Anyway, this film is about a bunch of, well.....Takers and if you didn't already guess, they TAKE things that don't belong to them. Now we aren't talking about Sweets, CD's, DVD's or Cassettes, we are talking CASH MONEY and a lot of it. In the Millions and Billions. They work as a unit. Smart, effective, quick, precise and they always leave NO evidence or paper-trail. In and Out! In a heist a few years back, Gordon Cozier (Idris Elba

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