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(film review) - Toy Story 3

Big men don't cry after cartoons, but damn, this one was pulling on my heart strings. You should know the story of Toy Story. It's about a little boy named Andy who, like most little kids, receives toys when he is young and plays with them. However these toys aren't magical, they are just alive and they play "dead" when Andy is playing with them and when normal people are around, otherwise they are as alive as you and me...just plastic. In this third installment, Andy takes his toys to a nursary so that the Toy Story family will stay together but be played with by new toddlers who he hopes will have tyhe same enjoyment he had playing with them in his youth. In essence, this would also have the Toy Story family meet other toys. But as Woody (Tom Hnaks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) find out, not all the toys they come across are as kind and helpful as them and some other toys have sinister plans, hidden agenda and srupulus plotting. I absolutely loved th

(film review) - Inception

This is a film you may need to see twice, but if you generally understand the concept, then you'll pay attention through the whole film and still ask yourself the inevitable question at the end. That question is, "so, was it real or was it a dream?" A lot of people have their pwn interpretation of the film and some would say that it was real and wasn't a dream. Some people would say it was a dream. Me on the other hand, I'm just going to remain quiet until I can see it again. This film is nothing from short, nothing from linear, nothing from simple and nothing from half-arsed! When I say Christopher Nolan makes a film, what I mean by that is, from screen direction to music, everything just seems epic. Just to give you an idea of the film. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) designed a machine that enables himself and his partner Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), to perform corporate espionage by entering the subconscious minds of their targets, using two-level "

(film review) - Predators

I'm old school. I saw the very first Predator film. It was scary. I was young though. It starred Arnold Schwartzenegger, had Bill Duke in it, as he was the very few notable black faces back then and they were out stuck in the jungle, somewhere and there must have been 12 of them or so getting picked off, one-by-one like target practice by an unknown assailant. THAT was predator. THAT was where it all started. THAT was scary. But with Hollywood trying to create suspense, thrillers, horrors, etc and often getting it wrong, they can only resort to remaking films that don't need remaking and making them completely and utterly crap. This film on the other hand attempts to mimic the very first film and doesn't do too bad, per say. The film for me was engaging as it does start off with the lead character Royce (Adrien Brody) waking up finding himself falling from the sky and landing in this Jungle. For me that was pretty random, but I guess, there have been weirder ways to st

(film review) - 4,3,2,1

Now if you know who Noel Clarke is, well he is a bit of a grinder. I say this because it is only now that I have seen him on THIS grind to be as far as to where he is now. Not only has he been in TV Shows such as The Bill, Casualty, Doctors and even Doctor who, he is also getting around in film. Smart guy (unless he was born with lots of money), saved the funds and made a very iconic and memorable film called Kidulthood in which he wrote. After the success of that, Adulthood in which he wrote, directed and produced and he has basically been on a role hopping in and out of directing, co-directing, writing and acting in many films. However, this isn't about him, this is about his film he wrote, co-produced and co-directed. If you have seen Vantage point then you will understand how this film goes. Like Vantage point, this is one story, but instead of spiralling around 7 people; only around 4. 7 was got long winded. Anyway, so the story begins with Joanne (Emma Roberts) feel

(film review) - Iron Man 2

Tony Stark: "I am Iron Man". Wow! What a way to end a film, eh? Then if you stayed to the end of the credits, you were treated to a short scene starring Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) where Nick Fury talks to Tony about The 'Avenger Initiative'. Exciting right? More films, yaaay! Avenger's what? I'm sure your happy nonetheless. So, word on a new Iron Man film featuring side-kick War Machine must have got some people sooo hyped up they accidently excreted on themselves. Anyway, just before I go into this, Terrence Howard should have kept to being 'James Rupert Rhodes', I'm pretty sure he could have made a pretty penny from some sequels and maybe his own film, but hey....whatever really. Someone is Laughing somewhere. Now that the world knows Tony Stark is Iron Man, he is still seemingly, untouchable. Senator Stern wants the Iron Man suit for the U.S Government, but although it might have deemed a super

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