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(film review) - Kick Ass

Hahaha hahaha...Now this was a good film. Just so you understand, I had NO IDEA what this film was about. Spider-Man? Batman? Green Lantern? Some silly teen movie with something random like superheroes and making the film a whole lot shittier than the idea of making 'Blood & Chocolate' a film? Well, I give you this for free; The film is different! VERY DIFFERENT! Ok, so no-one other than Nicholas Cage is in this film that you'd recognise unless your a die-hard fan of certain actors. I didn't know who the frig was the leading guy, only Mark Strong and that skinny dorky guy in 'Role Models?', Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Anyway, this is a film about a geeky teenager, Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), who wonders why nobody has actually tried to become a superhero. He wants to have a purpose and wants to fight crime because there is too much craziness in his neighbourhood. Very noble thing to do right? Especially when comic books are the comic books and he has N

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