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(Vintage Film Review) - Cloverfield

With what we already know about the film, i.e. in most cases, nothing. You actually leave the cinema experience not much different from before you stepped in. However, i must say, this was not a rubbish film to watch.

You follow a video fly-on-wall, documentary in which you meet and follow one person and his friends through an unforgetable experience all caught through one video camera. From when the film starts, it does not take very long until the action starts and does not end. If you watch the film to the very end, you'd understand.

This film is a disaster movie and not for the squirmish. Without giving the film away too much. I can only say what has been said by movie reviewers and that is, it is a cross between Godzilla and the Blair Witch Project.

The film is done in a way that is just like the Blair Witch Project, however, with some "Thing" running around lose in New York City (as per usual). This is NOT your one man takes on all odds kind of film. You can expect casualties in abundance, buildings toppling over and know, your average blockbuster film like Independence day or Godzilla filmed from just a random guy from the public with his friends and a lot of battery power in his little camcorder, which captures an event that passes and doesn't actually seem to stop.

Acting was flawless and because of the way the film was shot, you can't help to feel involved and actually in the film. It's not like your watching a movie with actors playing people (in which you are), but it is like your actually in the film and what you watched was a close friend of yours or someone you knew or heard of in the real world.

This film is deep. This film is different. This film is Cloverfield and you should watch it.

2 February 2008 at 01:08pm


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