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(film - review) - Wolfman

Well, first things first, this isn't TeenWolf at all! For those who remember Michael J Fox casting aside his time machine called the Delorian to don a suit of fur and play Basketball in a vary watchable film of my era? Although Teenwolf was for kids, Wolfman is more like an extreme version of 'An American Werewolf in London' in which, basically claws through that and the film 'Wolf' with Jack Nickolson like a werewolf surrounded by 3000 brown paper bag covered mannequins scented with human meat. Or maybe I need to see these films again - I admit, it has been a while.

If you don't like blood and gore, stay well away. Not to say it was as bad as watching SAW 10, but even I had cover my mouth in Shock-Horror. I usually find severed heads, limbs, bodies, funny and admit, in this film I did, but this film was different somewhat.

Benicio Del Toro, I like him. He's a decent actor. I haven't actually seen Che as yet, but the few films I have seen him in, he has played the characters well. He gets into an entanglement involving the death of his savagely slain brother. Town goers believe the murder(s) to be done by a mad man, wile others feel it's supernatural. As he tries to investigate, he gets caught up with his brother's wife, a Police Detective named, Aberline who is somewhat certain that he is the killer due to his troubled past and being tormented by the death of his mother doesn't make things easy. However with the help of his father played by Anthony Hopkins, the truth is bound to come to light.

Like all werewolf films, you know how it is going to end. The silver bullet. Other than that, I can't really go into much of the film other than tell you that you know exactly hat is going to happen, but you will actually jump in certain parts and if not, the person you are watching it with will.

The special effects weren't bad and the acting was decent. My only gripe with the film was, if it wasn't that predictable and the zipper suit looked more "authentic" I would have said this was a superb film, but then, how do you use special effects without over doing it? Van Helsing comes to mind.

Movie film. Go and Watch it.


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