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(film review) - Paranormal Activity

First and foremost, I was not going to watch this film. Call me whatever you like, but I thought this was based on a true story and I didn't want any parts of a film of this nature. The only parts I would except was the trailer I saw a little while back.
As this came out around the same time as The Fourth Kind, the two films got mixed together as to which one was based on true events. In the end, I sat through this.

This film is basically about what the title suggests, Paranormal Activity. And dare I say it, but white people are courageous, valiant, brave and daring. I say this because, Katie, the lead woman in the film, tells her soon to be fiancés that she has been haunted by a ghostly figure since she was young. What does her White boyfriend, Micah do? He goes out to buy a Video Camera so he can record it. Furthermore, through the film, he gets increasingly demanding and excited for the spirit. He challenges it and shouts at it for "More Action". Now you see me? If my woman told me she has been haunted since a little girl by some kind of paranormal phenomena, the following lines I would drop would be very similar or close to this, "Oh, really? Well, that's just it. I'm not cut out for that and I hope you get through it. Good luck. I'll call you sometime. Bye." whilst walking away and immediately going into my pocket for my car keys.

There isn't much to say about this film without spoiling it. Just know this, shot in 'Found Footage' style like 'Blair Witch Project' and 'Cloverfield' would possibly make this film terrifying and unwatchable due to one being terrified. I wasn't scared and I found the film hilarious. Maybe because of the two people (the couple) and their behaviour towards this entity. I mean, who buys a Ouija board (pronounced Wee-gi) to communicate with a ghostly entity? Like I said, no parts of it.
But if you like a scary movie, something that will make you jump or something, well, paranormal, then Paranormal Activity is you. Half of the time, my mouth was so wide open from what was going on, the film did indeed keep me transfixed. Funny from an outside look on it, but disturbing if you were in the same situation. Scary and frightful, but very entertaining, especially towards the end and the end scene.

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