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(film review) - Avatar 2D & 3D

Do you know who James Cameron is? He's one of those directors who needs as much of an introduction as Steven Spielberg! He is the guy who directed 'Escape from New York', directed and wrote, 'The Terminator' to then do it again and produce, 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day'. He did work with Arnie on a string of films since T2 with, 'Last Action Hero' & 'True Lies' and not only did he do 'Aliens with Sigourney Weaver, 'Titanic' with Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet, he also had some kind of involvement with 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' and 'Terminator Salvation'. This guy is out there with the greats. You should know all of this and if you didn't, well now you know.

The rumour I heard surrounding Avatar was, this film has been 15 years in the making. Avatar had been in development since 1994 and was really meant to come out in 1999 after Titanic. However, he thought that technology needed to catch up with his ideas and so he left it to 2009. In all honesty, I don't blame him and he did the best thing as Avatar is a marvellously beautiful and REAL LOOKING film.
I say REAL LOOKING because in reality, I haven't seen 15 foot tall creatures that speak a different language and a little bit of English on the streets of London, however, if one had lived inside a closed box and knew everything about special effects and all that jazz but haven't seen another real person other than themselves and the outside world, watching this film would get this person thinking that the Na'vi are real and other special effect films are just, well, special effects. What I mean is, the effects are so good, you'd be mistaken into thinking that you are watching a documentary of some sort or just real actors.
When you see the facial expressions of the Na'vi and how they move so fluidly and how the light bounces off their hair, eyes and skin, you see that a lot of thought has gone into the effects and that it looks so real that, like I said, you'd think you are watching real actors.

The planet of Pandora resembles earth, however Pandora is beautifully abstract and very colourful (from what we have seen thus far). Rich in minerals that are very valuable in which the Humans are trying to cash in on. So, in saying that, that is what the film is about. Humans come from earth to go to Pandora, set up shop and then rape the planet of it's minerals for profit. Unfortunately, where all the most valuable materials are, is underneath the Na'vi village(Hometree) who are described as blue monkeys and savage animals who live in harmony only to be barbarically attacked by the humans for their own selfish money making schemes. Obviously, they put up a fight as the humans basically say, move or be pushed out of the way and that is where a full scale war with the Na'vi against the Humans start.

The war is led by a Human, Jake Scully(Sam Worthington) who has been sent to infiltrate the Omaticaya's village in his Avatar body, to learn their ways and convince them to move. However, as the Omaticaya see him as a deluded member of their own species, they teach him how to do things their way. This leads to falling in love with a native, Ntiri(Zoe Saldaña), who also falls in love, but as time runs out for Jake to get the Omaticaya clan to move, the corporation move in and start destroying the forest. When Jake tries to stop them and destroys the camera on one of their machines, he is disconnected from his avatar and imprisioned. He is then broken out and then heads back into his avatar to try and convince the Omaticaya clan that he meant no harm and he wants to help them win the waging war against the humans.

I saw this in 2D and 3D and all I can say is, it isn't necessary to watch this film in 3D, but it does add to the experience. This film is so good that, running for 3hours, it still manages to keep you entertained and wanting to know what happens next.

Brilliant and Excellent watch. I recommend this as a must watch for 2009 and a must purchase, especially if there are gonna be sequels.


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