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(film review) - Harry Brown

First and foremost, I understand that people do perceive this film as an old mercenary taking out guys/youths on his council estate as the police are too what-less to do anything.  I am under this impression because I have heard some views of what "they" have said about the film and to what they have shown on the TV.  Well, I will clear this up for you. Harry Brown is a good film.  In fact, very good.  It stars Michael Caine as Harry Brown an old pensioner who looses his wife and then looses a dear friend to the streets of a Council Estate in South London where the youths are unruly and dangerous.  I like to call them ASBOs.  After the Police were confronted on numerous occasions about the ASBO youths but with no avail, Harry goes on a rampage by taking the law into his own hands and declares himself as the Council Estate Street Sweeper. There are some disturbing parts in this film that attack your mind in two different ways.  The first way is, this is a thriller, expect some

(film review) - Law Abiding Citizen

If you have seen Harry Brown, in which I might add, is almost identical to this film and is very good, then you know what to expect. What makes it identical is the reasons and motivations as to why the lead characters take the law into their own hands. Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is an Engineer who lives with his wife and daughter.  His House gets broken into and while he tries to fend for himself and his family, he is gagged and tied up to watch his family perish before his eyes. When the trial goes to court, he is taught that one of the murderers would not be convicted due to a problem with the forensics.  Angry, bitter, disgusted and emotionally torn up, Clyde Shelton takes the law into his own hands when he orchestrates the "vengeful" killings of both individuals responsible for his wife and child's death and anyone else remotely close to the case. This film is a very good watch and not even 2 minutes into the film, the action starts straight away.  The pace is cons

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