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(trailer review) - Beef

I first knew of Steven Yeun from watching the series 'The Walking Dead'. He was good in the show and when his role in the show ended, I never thought of him again. Not in a bad way as he was a decent actor from what I witnessed, but I never saw him in anything else or within my periphery, so he was no longer relevant to me, until Invincible. Trying to think about it now, I cannot remember how I got onto that show, but I believe someone may have told me Steven from the walking dead is in it and that it is his show, the show is great and based on a comic, so I decided to give it a try and I loved it. Mature themes, gory in places, but an all-around good series to watch. I am still unaware of much of what Steven has done and simply because I have not looked into it, but I am happy to see him in more and more things now, such as this series that looks really interesting. One bad day after another for these two separate people who are going through things which lead to colliding wit
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(trailer review) - John Wick: Chapter 4

( OFFICIAL TRAILER ) I am not the kind of person to go into a fight with a hatchet and the other person has a pistol, an automatic one at that. Can you imagine, this chapter in the John Wick movie franchise started with, a man (John Wick) not willing to sell his car to a random stranger! Said random stranger finds out where John lives, beats him up, kills his dog and steals his car. But little did the random stranger know, John used to be a professional assassin, is well known in the underground territories and circuits he operates in and his dying wife was the person who gave him the dog when she died. John is seeking revenge plain and simple. The story is soo simple but so effective and great! You just want more and more of this franchise. This trailer for a start, the cracking song used, Nas' 'Got yourself a gun' and from that point, you see what the film has been known and loved for. Headshots in abundance, ways of killing people in ways deemed over the top, repetition

(trailer review) - Creed III

  We are nearly there with the closer to the trilogy. Three movies starring Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, the son of antagonist Apollo Creed from Rocky I & II. Ryan Coogler directed the first Creed movie and Steven Caple Jr. directed the second, but this third movie is Michael B. Jordan's director debut and this trailer looks a lot better than the last. Actually, let me take that back, this trailer had some juicy action shots and slow-motion I really enjoyed. Whilst the previous trailer for the movie was back in October of last year, it gave us the story and why this fight is going ahead, I feel this trailer gives us more of the emotion as to why the fight will need to go ahead. This looks like Jonathan Majors is going to steal the show and every scene he is in. At this point, we know Adonis and his life, his wife and daughter, what he is doing and do we really care? Really? I guess to an extent we want to see how far he has come, what he is doing now and what the plan is,

(trailer review) - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

  ( Official Trailer ) I am going, to be honest with you like I always am, but this trailer did not move the needle much for me. A lot of new scenes and imagery, but the previous trailer for me was soo much better. This trailer on the other hand was a lot funnier and I am hoping, the comedy in this third and final movie from director James Gunn is evenly levelled out with the sad and emotional themes in this movie. As I said in my last trailer reaction, the second movie seemed like everyone had a joke. How I have come to understand the characters is, Drax provides most of the laughs, but it is usually him first and foremost, followed by Peter Quill and Rocket. Now that Nebula (my favourite character) is part of the team, she also provides a little humour too, but if everyone is providing jokes, the tone and strength of the film get significantly reduced. This trailer shows, what looks like, The High Evolutionary and a few flashbacks involving Rocket Raccoon and his possible backstory,

(trailer review) - The Flash

Yo! As I write this, I legit have tears streaming down my face. No, I am not crying, but would I call these joyful tears? Maybe. This trailer. This film. Ezra you absolute maniac Miller! How? What? Why? For those who do not know and are entirely unaware, Ezra, the lead star of this movie and the man who is playing Barry Allen aka The Flash, reprising his role from Justice League, has been in some hot water in recent years since the making and completion of this movie. It is tough to say if they will ever work again as an actor, let alone play The Flash again, but this movie looks phenomenal. Very action-heavy, very emotional and the cast, two Batmen and a Supergirl? I am in absolute shock-horror right now, I am hoping and praying for Ezra to find the help he needs and maybe, JUST maybe, when all things are back to a state of normalcy, perhaps someone will take a chance on them as they IS one of the best parts of Justice League (both versions) and they do come across as a very talented

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