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(episode review) - Fallout

I used to have Nintendo growing up. Nintendo, Super Nintendo and then I went onto the Sony Playstation. I had a Playstation, Playstation 2 and then I went onto the Microsoft Xbox. Xbox 360 to Xbox 360 Elite (It was still an Xbox 360 but my previous one had the red ring of death) and I was looking for something cool to play. It was under recommendation that I got into Fallout and the game's cover looked cool. A meaning looking helmet-mask thing. This was Fallout 3. Although I am a bit of a completionist, I would ideally want to know the full story and play it from the beginning, not from Fallout 3. However, upon designing my character and getting into the story, I did not realise that the story of Fallout 3 was not really connected to Fallout 2. It was not a continuation of any previous story, and having purchased and played Fallout 4, my understanding of the Fallout franchise is, a bunch of different stories told with different protagonists, at different times, in different places
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(episode review) - X-Men '97 - Episode 5

  I honestly feel that the people behind this show sat down with Disney and said exactly this, "So, Disney...hear me out. I have this idea where we want to make an X-Men animation, in the vain of all present-day animation, style and story, with modern-day animation techniques, but continuing the stories from the animated show from the 90's" Disney looked confused and asked, "why would you not just want to start from scratch with something new altogether like we have many times before?" And they replied "Why? Why not use what is already there and mine the stories even more. What did the X-Men do when Magneto took over? Is Charles Xavier really dead? What happened to Mr. Sinister? Is Apocalypse still around? Do we see any more stories with Cable? We can raise the stakes. We can make something from my childhood remain for children but age it up in line with today's animation. We will target the children who are now adults and possibly with their children,

(trailer review) - Joker: Folie à Deux

After watching the first movie, I felt that Warner Brothers did an amazing job. Joaquin Phoenix was great and the story of Joker was somewhat different to what a lot of people have known through reading the comics. I never read the comics and The Joker to me was basically the arch nemesis of The Batman. He wore purpler and Jack Nicholson played a great version of the Clown criminal back in the Batman movie with Michael Keaton as the titular hero. I really felt that this movie did not need a sequel. That perhaps, Todd Phillips or whomever took the job on (hopefully Todd) were to do another film based on another Batman villain, Mr Freeze, maybe. Imagine a film about a man named Viktor who is a scientist and he has a sick wife in whom he loves dearly, but is trying to cure her from her illness and ends up going down a dark and sinister path leading him to becoming the Mr Freeze we know from the comics...but they have decided to go with a sequel to Joker and they have also brought in Harle

(episode review) - Invincible: Season 2 - Episode 8

  This show is just clever. Cleverly written. The team behind Robert Kirkman's direction are pulling off things I have not seen before in animation in a visually stimulating way. For example, we are on season 2 and season 1 did everything to tell us that the title will pop up whenever anyone says the title within the show. In some cases it was halfway through an episode, in other cases, it was at the end of an episode, we waited and waited for it to pop up trying to guess when it would be and try to pre-empt it, but it was fairly random. In this second season and in this episode especially, there was a conversation which had a build-up, and just like that, they flipped it. I actually had to pause the show to continue laughing so I did not miss anything. I found it very funny and clever. Later in the first half of the show, Mark is getting his usual treatment and the usage of "travel" (I will say not to spoil anything), was so incredible to see visually, I could not help

(episode review) - X-Men '97 - Episode 4

  By dropping this show weekly, you are sparking up the conversation for the show and keeping this show alive. Not to say that it is boring or not entertaining, but to binge-watch a show, the show is simply "thrown away" once you are done with it and I believe this show deserves the buzz. This week on X-Men '97, we have two separate stories in one episode. Considering the episode is around 30 minutes long, it is really good how they have been able to tell a lot in a short space of time. The first story centres around Jubilee and her Birthday. Wondering what to do and how to spend it, Jubilee and Sunspot get pulled into a 16-bit video game. The second story centres around Storm dealing with the loss of her powers and Forge has two things to declare. Being a child of the 90's watching these cartoons and playing computer games, X-Men was up there with some of the best computer and arcade games, so to see Jubilee and Sunspot acting out/"playing" as 16-bit charac

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