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(trailer review) - Star Wars: Andor

  There was a trailer not long ago for this, albeit a teaser trailer which gave us a little tease of what is to come from Lucas film and the Star Wars franchise. However, whilst I knew about this show a good while back, I was not sure if I really cared. Let us be honest now, the Star Wars franchise has not really offered anything that has been really really good. Of late and in reverse order, Kenobi was good, but not great, Boba Fett was ok until Din showed up and then it was great. The Mandalorian is really good, although the second season, even with the additions, felt a little bit like a fetch quest, but overall, this show pretty much wiped the floor with everything that has been Star Wars of late due to how it has been delivered. This trailer? This trailer looks like it packs quite a punch to force the franchise into a new and different direction and I am here for it. Furthermore, this trailer also makes the mind Boggle as to the quality and look of this show in comparison to Boba
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(trailer review) - Black Adam

  (Teaser Trailer) I was not really a fan of the first teaser for this movie, but this comic-con one is soo much better. The last one, the music was not great and I just didn't like it. There is more action in this one, albeit, short, but it seems to be a lot better and I do like the tone. Before I was a little concerned about where the movie takes place, but I no longer care as I just want to enjoy the movie. This trailer is a better showcase of Black Adam and gives us a little of his pain. If done correctly, this film will need to bring the audience to the understanding of who Black Adam is and why he does what he does with maybe some tear moments. This movie seems a little like a revenge movie and Dr. Fate is trying to recruit him to do good, but Black Adam is not here for. It would be interested to watch this movie and see if we can spot some cameos. I am just hoping WB do not pull a Sony and Eff this ass.

(trailer review) - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

  If you know what happened to the acting Legend Chadwick Boseman, then you will already know that 1. The director Ryan Coogler had a heck of a task before him..and 2. Marvel's Kevin Feige had a heck of a choice to make. For those who do not know, Chadwick Boseman acted and starred as the titular character Black Panther whilst battling stage 4 Cancer. Chadwick told nobody of this and carried out his acting roles in Marvel movies and other movies for years before succumbing to the disease. Chadwick was such a great actor who left us with an iconic portrayal of the character that Marvel have decided NOT to recast T'Challa. Whislt I have heard some rumours going forward for the movie, we will have to see how this movie pans out. There will be some who would like to see someone recast as T'Challa and there are some who will say not to have him recast and let Shuri, T'Challa's sister played by Letitia Wright to play Black Panther  like in the comics. Chadwick was a great

(trailer review) - John Wick: Chapter 4

You know the expression "...opening up a can of worms", THIS entire franchise is exactly that. In case you are unaware with how this all began and the story soo far (I could be off as it has been a while, so spoilers if you have not seen any of the John Wick movies especially the first one). John Wick is minding his own business when a guy compliments his car and wants to buy it. After refusing, said car is stolen and John Wicks dog is killed.  Not to go into how much the dog means to John but John is an ex-assassin and he seeks revenge on the person who killed his dog. That was Chapter 1. This is Chapter 4. To say this film does exactly what it says on the tin is an understatement. This film is simply a revenge film which has spiralled soo out of control, we are on the fourth film and it looks epic. There are elements to this which are almost nonsensical, but the world they have built for this movie, is incredible. The close quarters fights. The close quarters fights that in

(trailer review) - I Am Groot

  So ummm, although I knew about this I do feel like this was sprung on me. Am I in the loop anymore? Am I not bothered? Comicon is currently on and while I know a lot of movies will have trailers and there will also be a lot of announcements, I just was not expecting this one for whatever reason, although I was well aware of this coming out. Maybe it was soo low on my Radar, I was expecting the bigger shows and movies rather than this. For a character whose vocabulary is only 3 words, this trailer was fun, cute and charming so I would be interested in these shorts and how well they may be. I am sure there is a storyline here somewhere too, but if not, who cares? It is Groot being Groot and who does not love Groot? I am just hoping there is enough of Groot saying "I am Groot" that does not grow stale too quickly.

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