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(trailer review) - Scream 6

I think my issue with the franchise at the moment is, why are these 'ghostface' masks still being sold. Also, if people are being killed over a period of time, would these masks not be seen as illegal?  I do not understand how we are soo far into a franchise where a cloak and (at this rate) a famous mask used for killing can still be used to, well...continue killing. I understand the masks are not made for killing people, but it is the main mask people have used to kill people over the span of 10 to 20 years, no? I think I will need to watch the franchise again from the very beginning and include Scream 4 (as I have not seen that one, yet) and see how these new films are interconnected. I have noticed how the recent Mission Impossible movies have been interconnected with each other and also draw from previous films which helps the viewer/fans become more invested in the franchise. This trailer is decent though and I have no complaints. Is her name Sydney? She's toast in thi
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(trailer review) - Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Warner Bros. is in a bit of a dead space right now where it is difficult to know and understand the future of DC and its characters. Back in the day, they wanted to start a universe with various characters like an MCU, but Green Lantern did not do well and Christopher Nolan wanted to ground his Batman films. This in turn pushed DC back a few years until 'Man of Steel' came about. Trying to catch up to the MCU at this point was a very bad idea and now we are in a state of limbo with decent films, ok films and really good films in a universe that seems to be crumbling from within and at the seams. The first Shazam was decent and I really enjoyed it. I liked the dynamics, between the actors and the characters and it was an overall great film to sit down with some popcorn and watch. This trailer looks like the story here is bigger in scope and in some cases, may actually involve the Marvel family (or shazam family) dealing with a force that looks like they are ill-prepared for and

(trailer review) - 65

Two things strike me about this trailer, the name; and the fact that he is trying to outrun a tyrannosaurus rex-looking dinosaur "alien" thing. Unless he falls into a ditch, he should be dead. Only Lara Croft in the original 1996 Tomb Raider can out-manoeuvre a T-Rex, please let that be known. But back onto the name, 65. Then in the trailer, it said 65 million years ago, humans discovered Earth? Wait, what? I need clarification, as to whether we are in the future, so far in the future that back in the past, 65 million years back, we have dinosaurs again or did he accidentally time travel back to the dinosaur age through a portal with the modern tech of his era? Whatever it is, Mills is in the thick of it and he is trying to protect a little non-verbal girl as well. I am loving the look of this movie because not only is it a survival movie, it is a sci-fi movie as well as a dinosaur movie and action adventure. Armed with whatever is salvageable from his crashed ship and trying

(trailer review) - Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

A trailer for this came out not that long ago and although, in a few places, it was funny-ish, I was not really on board with what they were pushing. However, this trailer is soo much better than the last one. You see, I was never interested in this movie because "where is Venger?" This Dungeons and Dragons, I do not know what it is. I never played the game and my only reference to anything to do with this namesake is the old cartoon from the 80s with Eric, Bobby, Diana and them. So, what is this?  But I must say, this trailer has won me over a little to be interested as I am loving a lot of the jokes, banter and humour within the film. While I know nothing about this iteration of D&D or D&D as a whole, I did have a few laughs. Apparently, everything this film has shown us is accurately depicted in playing D&D. Chris Pine anchoring the movie down with various crazy characters, a wizard, a barbarian (almost like the cartoon) and maybe a witch? (the girl from Strang

(film review) - Avatar: The Way of Water

It is kind of hard to believe that, a man named James Cameron made a movie called Avatar which came out in 2009 and 13 years later he makes a sequel to it creating a buzz that has gripped the world. While some people have their opinions and are divided on whether this is 13 years too late or no one actually cares about blue people in space to a rip-off of FernGully, what is this one going to be about? Let's be clear here, James is a revolutionary director with 9 movies to his name since 1982. In case you are not counting, that is 9 movies in just over 40 years. Christopher Nolan, a more recent director has 12 movies to his name since 1998. Zack Snyder has 11 movies to his name since 2004, but there is a stark difference between these three types of directors. Steven Spielberg has 30 movies to his name since 1975. But the difference between all these directors is, James is the only director who has two of the highest grossing movies of all time and every time (well almost) he create

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