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(trailer review) - Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

I remember hearing George wanted to do a Furiosa movie and that Anya Taylor Joy was going to be cast. I might have even heard Chris Hemsworth as well, but honestly, I feel the news since, had disappeared into the sandstorm for a few years only to spit out this trailer. If you recall from my Mad Max: Fury Road review, I said "This film is AMAZING. What a spectacle. Vibrant colours, camera angles and visuals, explosions, insane looking vehicles, characters and appendages. The film is soo insane with soo many moving parts, you can't help but follow Max in his journey." And it seems as though George Miller has done the same thing, AGAIN! Have you not watched this trailer? Whilst I have not seen the other movies (and I have mentioned that before so please do not scould me - and yes, I did say I will watch the others since Fury road, I tried, I really did. I'll try again), I am not sure if some of the styles used in Fury Road was used in previous movies, but I can see them here in this trailer and it looks amazing. When I saw the trailer before the trailer yesterday, I was happy. As some people will know about me, nothing gets me excited, but this trailer, THIS TRAILER! Remembering how the first film left me, I simply feel that this movie is going to do the same thing and from this trailer alone, I do not believe I am going to be wrong. As the kids will say, "I am gassed". Do they still say that? Anyway.

From the trailer, it looks like Furiosa will get caught or she will try and save a kidnapped girl from that evil guy with the pipes (Immortal Joe) and his goons. She will be on the run and taking out as much people as she can whilst trying to get back to her home. Well at least it seems that way. This is a prequel (obviously) and it also looks as though Chris Hemsworth's character will be the main antagonist after Furiosa, just like Nicolas Hoult's character Nux in Fury Road. I think it is hilarious that Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a red cape and there is a point in the trailer where he looks like he is riding a chariot, very warrior/gladiator-like. The visuals, the colours, the imagery, the angles, I can tell this is going to be great. What I will say, I will be slightly annoyed if the film seems loosely, beat-for-beat as Fury Road since there are a lot of similarities regarding style, colours and shots, but as long as the story is somewhat decent, who really cares. If you have seen the artistry that is Fury Road, if even half of it is replicated here, I am totally down with that. The opening shot reminded me of Fury Road's opening shot with the angle, Max standing there and stepping on a lizard, whilst with this one, it has Furiosa stumbling off in the distance with her bike behind her, but the bike is closer to the camera and Furiosa is in the distance. It also looks like we will see how she gets her arm too. Bring on a second trailer so I can get excited again. Do you remember the guitar guy and the speakers and flames? Bring on the weirdness and wildness. Bring on the creativity. Bring on Furiosa!


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