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(trailer review) - Masters of the Universe: Revolution


So this is meant to be the official teaser to Masters of the Universe: Revolution, but to me, it feels like a trailer, considering how much they have given us. If you have not watched Masters of the Universe: Revelation, you are surely missing out. Yes, you cannot please everyone and while you might have some things to say about what you wanted from it, I really enjoy the fleshing out of Eternia and the supporting characters to He-Mans plight.

Skeletor seems like he may not be the person who is going to be the main antagonist for He-Man this time around because it seems there is a new and possibly even more powerful villain who may want Eternia and Skeletor, I do not see him sharing. Maybe Skeletor and He-Man may join forces to take out the greater threat. That's Keith David's voice! Although I enjoyed season 1 and the 5 episodes and would definitely come back for more, hearing Keith's voice had sold me again. Let's just hope this first proper trailer tells us more of what this second season is about. 


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