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(trailer review) - The Marvels


Whilst I try not to watch multiple trailers due to information overload, I cannot help but pick out the differences as well as compare the trailers apart from one another. Sometimes that goes against a backdrop of rumours or speculation along the way, but I do try to keep an objective and open opinion in my reviews. With that said, I would definitely not say this is a terrible trailer, but I will say it is a better trailer, albeit lacking, but something they should have initially led with, including highlights.

This trailer starts with Ironman (where it all began) and shows us the Star Bangled man with a plan, Captain America, making us remember where the MCU started and what heroes look like. They touch on Thanos and what he did, telling us their would be more people like him with sinister plans and Nick Fury seems to be asking Carol to come in and help on something equally world destroying. We get glimpses of Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel and we also get some dialogue with Monica Rambeau from WandaVision. We are illuded to what the threat might be and the implications. This is what the first trailer should have been. The highlights would have been the interaction with the different characters and the dancing and the cats. The second trailer could have expanded on that and the final trailer, more of that and a lil more story plot points, and there we have it. Something that shows the characters, the stakes, the action and the fun. This trailer removed the fun and piled on the stakes and action and whilst there is nothing wrong with that, why didn't Disney lead with that with sprinklings of fun. Marvel needs to spend more time reading the room but also balancing out what they are promoting. It is a hard enough battl when Brie Larson isn't liked for whatever reason, women are leading a film, I mean how dare they? And to top it off, two of the characters are from TV shows the majority of the audience would not have seen. I think this will be a decent film, but Marvel right now, needs a great film and unless Marvel pulls this one out of a hat like a rabbit, they will not have great word of mouth and repeat viewing. There is too much stacking up against it and during a time where people are generally falling off of Marvel due to mediocrity and not being consistent at reaching THEIR OWN BAR THEY HAVE SET, this needs to be decent. Thankfully, the series Loki Season 2 is really good, so maybe that can carry the MCU on it's back and assist by being the true MVP for the MCU ATM.


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