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(trailer review) - Masters of the Universe: Revolution

If you are a He-Man fan, you are definitely missing out if you have not yet watched Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Yes, your criteria may vary in regards to what you will want and what you will expect to see in the show because everyone and their mother has an opinion about something or other, but if you are open-minded to the storytelling like how I was, you should have yourself a good time. I stated in my review that there were some creative liberties taken and some characters felt side-lined to push other characters to the forefront, but while people were screaming woke (because they do not know what that word really means), the people behind Masters of the universe (to me in any case) were being progressive and trying to tell a well thought-out story and have made attempts to flesh out the world of Eternia to make it richer with lore. I am guessing some people may have just wanted Adam swinging his sword and chopping down foes, but that would make He-Man one dimensional and flat.

What you can definitely expect when they do occur, are great fights. This one against Scare-Glow is merely a sample of the might of He-Man and the epic fights that make him who he is, aside from all the other characters. It is just cool epic bad-assery, something we all loved to see interwoven in storyline. I may need to watch it again because I cannot remember if Adam's dad knows if Adam is He-Man, but I also do not remember a power suit for the dad. I mean, it has been a while. What was definitely cool and something I would love to see them expand on, were the other "He-Men" from the past, maybe? These guys are digging deep and expanding the lore creating great story telling. Let's just hope this is better received than Revelation because I know I enjoyed it, but there were people who did not and voiced their thoughts. I am sure Kevin Smith has addressed as much as he could without compromising on his vision.


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