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(trailer review) - Invincible: Season 2

There has been a lot of talk over the years regarding superhero fatigue but here is a reason as to why that is not accurate. Saying there is such a thing would imply that people are tired of comic book mediums, TV shows, movies etc. When shows like 'The Boys' come out and people love it or a cartoon comes out (like this) and people love it, what does that say? Are people bored of DC movies or the MCU? While there are arguments to be made surrounding this at present due to a number of things, especially with the "lacklustre" phase four of the MCU, I'd like to be specific and state, it is the mediocrity of such movies and TV shows that are NOT pushing the boundaries or applying anything new to storytelling so the experience feels samey. And I say that to say this, those who watched the Invincible TV show when it came out (which is a cartoon), a great number of us loved it. So to understand that, you must understand that, we fans have patiently waited for season 2 of Invincible and we are simply happy that it is almost here.

There is not a lot to see here due to it being a teaser trailer and it is likely they are still working on it currently (the animation, that is), but damn, with the little we got, I am filled with anticipation. I absolutely loved the way they opened the trailer talking to the students at graduation, but it kind of speaks to us, the viewers and fans who have been waiting patiently for season 2. Touching on not knowing who Omniman was and now the secret organisation Mark fights for, are maybe watching him closely because, at present, Mark is the strongest person in the world at this point. With his dad gone and I am guessing more enemies will come to Earth as the main Viltrumite "defender" has gone, Mark and his "team" will need to do what they can but it also seems like there will be a lot of drama and Mark will be tested this season, especially with that zinger at the end where (and I cannot be certain if he is talking to Mark, because Omniman has no manners), You should have died at birth, but I feel this season will pack a punch. I hope it delves deeper into the many other characters like Robot and Atom Eve. The cast list looks incredible and the music in the first season was also incredible, so I can only assume, if they are just simply going to build on what they did for the first season, this season is going to be amazing and let's just see if Mark can get through this season and if he really is Invincible. *Cue intro music* Also, they need to keep that up! So original.


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