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(trailer review) - Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One

Seeing this trailer today has left me feeling a little bittersweet. It has filled me with an array of emotions that I am finding it a little difficult to write this. The teaser trailer to this movie dropped last year May 2022 and for those who do not know me, Mission Impossible is one of my favourite franchises. Tell me of a franchise that seems to get better and better by the next film. I do not believe there is a franchise currently active that can compare with this franchise and we are 7 films deeps at this point. Obviously, we do not include Mission Impossible 2, because I do not think that one was as great as the others. It's a film my cousin likes, but I simply did not care for it. Which leads me on to this. After seeing that trailer and getting excited (something I do not do, unless it is a Mission Impossible movie) I rewatched the entire franchise from the beginning late last year and while MI2 was a little better than I had previously remembered, (I still did not like it as much as the others) I would send video clips to my cousin and make comments about the film I was watching. My cousin passed away a few months ago so when this trailer had finished, I was soo happy and full of joy, I wanted to tell my cousin, but I went from pure excitement to sadness in an instant.

You see, my cousin and I loved Ethan Hunt. He is one of the best action heroes in a single franchise. These are some of the things I would have said to him, "Did you see the Mission impossible trailer?", "Ethaaaaaaan!", "You see Mantis from Guardians is in this?", "You also see Agent Carter as well, right?", "This looks soooo good!", "that guy from Bad Boys, he was also in Titans as Deathstroke, I think he was in Ozark too, he is in it too", "I cannot wait for this, why did they have to do a part one and a part two, I want to see it all now!", "We are seeing this together, right?" - just to name a few. We loved the espionage, action, spy movies and Mission Impossible is up there as the best. Say what you want about Tom Cruise as an actor, whatever you heard about his personal life or whatever, but you cannot tell me his Ethan Hunt is not a great character in an even greater franchise that keeps getting better and better (well you can but I am only going to ask you to bring someone to the table in something equally as great a franchise). This film looks soo good and it looks like we are going full-circle within the franchise by going back to the same actor playing the same character in the first movie. Needless to say, I could not be more happy and sad to see this trailer and whilst he is not here with me to gush over this trailer, I'm definitely going to have him in my heart for when I watch this movie.


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