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(trailer review) - Top Boy: Season 3 (Season 5)

Just to be clear if you have not seen my Top Boy Season 2 review, I have previously explained that if we include both seasons of Top Boy Summer House, we are now looking at season 5 of this magnificent TV show. We have come a long way to come to this point and since we are in the last season, I do not see this ending well for anybody.

Although this is a teaser trailer, with Sully saying he would rather be a monster than food, tells me that this season is going to be dark, gritty with heartbreak, loss, and vengeance among other things. It will be interesting to see if any of Jamie's family will be heavily involved and Sully will be the number one target with maybe Dushane coming to his defence, maybe? I do not know, but I am involved, patiently waiting on the first trailer.


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