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(trailer review) - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


You would have to have been born in the last 3 years or have no access to the internet to not have heard, seen or experienced 'Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse'. Imagery, video clips, toys, something! Spider-man is one of if not, the most recognisable IP there is and when people initially thought a Miles Morales film would not work because it is not Peter Parker as the star and the Spider-Man we are focusing on, we were in for a major surprise. A lot of people thought the film would flop but in actuality, 'into the Spider-Verse has one of the best Spider-Man stories among all the films Sony has ever put out. So to think that movie does not need or deserve a sequel, I will say to you this, "Really???". But where do you go with such a great story, a relatively new Spider-Man protagonist and in animation? You go bigger. You go better. You go across the Spider-Verse!!!

This movie looks great! This movie looks amazing (no pun intended) and the animation looks spectacular (pun intended). They seem to have levelled up whilst still looking and delivering the same visuals as before but with a higher quality. It looks as though, whilst the characters look older and more mature depicting some time has passed, the animation also looks more detailed and defined, as if the animation itself has matured. This looks like it will be a quality movie and it also seems as though, the focus is Miles trying to juggle being a hero as well as a "normal" teen having a "normal" life. Spider-Man has always had an issue with the double identity, being conflicted with his role and responsibilities which came along with, great power. All the Spidermen thus far have had a moment that defined them to become the person they are, why they do what they do and the struggle of trying to balance both their life and being a superhero, this looks like it will be no different. And with the introduction of the Spide-Verse, it looks as though we are getting deeper into Spider-Man lore and Miles has a lot to learn going forward. Whilst it looks like Spider-Man 2099 Miguel might be the main antagonist and/or villain, I absolutely love the inclusion of Spot, a goofy villain who could be notorious but, is not that smart of a guy.


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