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(trailer review) - The Penguin

Just when we thought we got another great Batman movie, this time with Robert Pattinson, a good story and great acting, there definitely was an actor that stood out among the many superb actors in that movie. Colin Farrell. You know, Colin Farrell? He has been in many movies. I initially know him from 'Phonebooth', but he was also in the remake to 'Total Recall' and many other films. He was in the Matt Reeves, 'The Batman' movie. He was The Penguin! He was soo unrecognisable, akin to a Johnny Depp, many (and maybe even you), did not even know it was him. Such good hair and make-up, along with great acting, in some cases, there is an argument to say he stole the movie when he appeared. And just like when John Wick 2 finished and people went out to watch it, the studios behind the movie said there will be more, 'The Continental', here, they also said the same, there will be more, more of Gotham. And here we are, The Penguin.

This trailer, (one I would not really review because it is not a finished or near finished film/show) it is just an "in-production" trailer and what we see here is amazing. The imagery of Gotham. Colin is back in prosthetics and acting the part. If you liked his part in The Batman movie, this is surely going to brighten up your day, because he was excellent and this trailer is just a continuation of this. Dark, gritty...Gotham. This show aims to flesh out The Penguin's rise in Gotham as well as the villains (I'd assume), kind of like what the TV show Gotham did, but better? There will be no boy Batman/Bruce Wayne running around. It would be very interesting to see how this will pan out. Will we just have a season of The Penguin then the sequel to the movie then a season of another character or the second season of The Penguin? Personally, I do not really care, as long as the ball is not dropped on such a great world. This is World-buiding at it's best and I am here for it.


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