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(trailer review) - The Marvels

So yesterday I saw an ad for this movie. It looked a little bit like a poster but it was a short audio clip letting us know that a trailer for The Marvels is out today. However, I completely forgot the trailer for this movie was out today, so when I saw a message somewhere saying the trailer dropped, of course, I went to go and watch it. And I will let you know before I get into it I LOVED THIS TEASER TRAILER!

While we are not exactly sure when this is, in the MCU, we are presented with a problem between Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel from the Captain Marvel movie, Monica Rambeau aka Lieutenant Trouble from the WandaVision TV show (as an adult and the Captain Marvel movie as a child) and also Kamala Khan from the Ms Marvel TV show, and right away I can tell you, I will love this movie and Iman Vellani is going to steal this entire movie fangirling over meeting her idol and working with her. I love the energy she brings in the clips and the child-like qualities we have not seen since Spider-Man. The Beastie Boy's Intergalactic was a phenomenal choice for the music. While the MCU needs a win at the moment as a lot of their recent movies have been decent and not excellent. With films leaning more to the comedic side with lacklustre jokes, this trailer worryingly provides this as well, but this movie actually might work. Let's just hope it does work as Ms Marvel was a good watch. It's just a teaser for now.


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