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(trailer review) - The Equalizer 3

"Do I look like a killer?"

It is at this point in life, no matter who you are, providing you have watched at least 8 movies with Denzel Washington, he is Uncle Denzel. Uncle Denz. Unc Denz. He has been doing his thing for a while and Denzel has always been great. From time to time, you might see a dud movie, but Denzel always delivers, he has always been excellent. Strangely enough, I remember seeing The Equalizer 2 trailer but I just did not get around to seeing the movie. However, this trailer looks great and I would like to know, while this is the final film, could we get more?

This trailer looks solid. I remember watching the first movie and thought, the thinking about the moves before he does them was great. It's cool. It's calculated. It tells you everything about Denzel's character, who is the kind of person who steps into the lion's den and does not even try to sweat as he knows exactly how he will take out the lion once he is inside, but will only step inside if absolutely necessary. Scope out the threat, figure out how you are going to take them out and bish, bash, bosh, everyone is either dead or maimed or both. However, whilst that last scene was great to watch, realistically, the guy with the shotgun would have shot him, no? Anyway, I can not wait. Let me go and find the prequel to this trailer's movie so I can gear myself up for this one.


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