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(trailer review) - Barbie

If there is anything the teaser trailer captured the most about this Barbie movie is that this movie is going to be absolutely wild and this trailer confirms it. Have you seen the Marketing for this movie? What Greta Gerwig has put together is somewhat genius or crazy or both and I love it. I remember seeing the set photos a few years ago and the neon pink and yellow outfits looked silly, but now we are seeing this in context, it works, it really works! I remember going through the catalogue back in the day and seeing Cindy and Barbie. Barbie was killing it, she did and had everything and everything was pink, EVERYTHING! So this trailer while it seems excessive in parts, it really isn't.

This trailer does not tell us a great deal about the movie itself other than what looks like Ken fully trying to get with Barbie for reasons I am not even sure he even knows why. Ken "I thought I might stay over tonight!" Barbie "Why?" Ken "Because we are girlfriend and boyfriend" Barbie "To do what?" Ken "...................I'm actually not sure", hilarious. I am not certain if the age rating is for kids but I am assuming so, but the adults will get it. While I feel I might need to be inebriated before watching this movie, I think this movie will be charming and extremely funny. It is great seeing Simu Lu (Shang Chi from the MCU) in here and Issa Rae (from the TV show Insecure and the up and coming Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse). Also, what this movie can do for diversity is simply amazing in a funny way. Going into toy stores when I was younger, you would see a black Barbie and I often thought to myself "Barbie is not black", so having Issa as a Barbie is great. Also, just like action toys for boys, Barbie did everything, so seeing a Barbie do the splits in the trailer is nothing but childhood accuracy at it's finest. And with the likes of Will Ferrell, there is simply no reason at all as to why this movie will not be fun.


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