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(trailer review) - Beef

I first knew of Steven Yeun from watching the series 'The Walking Dead'. He was good in the show and when his role in the show ended, I never thought of him again. Not in a bad way as he was a decent actor from what I witnessed, but I never saw him in anything else or within my periphery, so he was no longer relevant to me, until Invincible. Trying to think about it now, I cannot remember how I got onto that show, but I believe someone may have told me Steven from the walking dead is in it and that it is his show, the show is great and based on a comic, so I decided to give it a try and I loved it. Mature themes, gory in places, but an all-around good series to watch. I am still unaware of much of what Steven has done and simply because I have not looked into it, but I am happy to see him in more and more things now, such as this series that looks really interesting.

One bad day after another for these two separate people who are going through things which lead to colliding with one another resulting in road rage and two people "beefing" one another. I like the idea of this because it IS too real of a thing which ultimately makes it scary. I do not think this is being made and played as a thriller, but it could easily be something like that. As I think about it, I do wonder if they will get together or become great friends in the end, but these are two people who have underlining issues they need to resolve but currently, are beefing with one another. I'd watch this. Hopefully it is a decent Netflix show.


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