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(trailer review) - Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

A trailer for this came out not that long ago and although, in a few places, it was funny-ish, I was not really on board with what they were pushing. However, this trailer is soo much better than the last one. You see, I was never interested in this movie because "where is Venger?" This Dungeons and Dragons, I do not know what it is. I never played the game and my only reference to anything to do with this namesake is the old cartoon from the 80s with Eric, Bobby, Diana and them. So, what is this?  But I must say, this trailer has won me over a little to be interested as I am loving a lot of the jokes, banter and humour within the film.

While I know nothing about this iteration of D&D or D&D as a whole, I did have a few laughs. Apparently, everything this film has shown us is accurately depicted in playing D&D. Chris Pine anchoring the movie down with various crazy characters, a wizard, a barbarian (almost like the cartoon) and maybe a witch? (the girl from Stranger Things, which also played a lot on D&D) this movie looks like it is very fantasy heavy, probably really expensive, but looks like it will be a lot of absolute fun. So despite not being exactly what I know or based on a cartoon with a bunch of kids going on a fairground ride and travelling through a portal to land in a different realm with all these things and a Dungeon Master, I guess I can still enjoy it...

Oh, and that short they do before a trailer starts to play, it is soo irritating and soo pre-pandemic.


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