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(episode review) - The Last of Us: Episode 2

This week we start with a flashback of the few days before the outbreak and a lady is having her lunch in a restaurant which is interrupted by a soldier. He tells her to come with him to a destination where she is asked to inspect the body of a woman who was acting weird. They discovered a bit of mark and a possible infection but needed her expertise to clarify and confirm their findings. Shortly afterwards, the doctor and the soldier have a conversation about what should be done going forwards and her response was dire.
Another bleak intro again sets up how this show shows us the audience, the world and their reaction to an infected and incurable person. The tension builds up slowly in these scenes and the room with the body is just nasty.

After the opening credits, we focus on the party going forward consisting of Joell, Ellie and Tess. They have only found out about Ellie's condition, so they are both sceptical and quiz Ellie and her importance. While debating on what to do and wanting to complete their task, they set off deciding on which route to take for a safer and easier journey to their destination, but when one potential route is blocked, they take another which brings them into a museum where they stumble into infected.
Chilling and tension drove where we get to experience some great acting in a scene with very little dialogue. We get to see an infected up close and how vicious they can be, their strengths and their weaknesses. Another great moment underscores the position the world is in and how one must navigate through it.

In the last moments of the episode, they finally get to their destination, but things do not run to plan. No one is there, there is no trade-off and both Tess and Joell have a conversation about what to do next.
Without going into spoilers, a great moment between the characters and while I had a feeling and knew what was going to happen, to see everything play out was amazing. To get more information about the infected and how they work/operate in this world was terrifying. These small little character-building moments however brief help to build out the characters more and more which helps to make the show gripping. Another excellent episode.

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