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(trailer review) - Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

I believe I grew out of Transformers early when I was young. ThunderCats, BraveStarr and such, were always my bag. I mean a robot that turns into a car, plane, gun or ghetto blaster boom box with cassettes that turn into birds. It's great! But Michael Bay took my childhood cartoons and ruined them. I have said in the past on here that Michael IS a capable director, but he just does things in a way that is, just...visually boombastic and very unnecessary. I think I even made a comparison to Zack Snyder at some point, but Zack is ALL style and more substance than Bay. If you have not seen Bumblebee, the last Transformers movie, that was great. It was a really good film that did not rely on slow-mo and plants exploding taking out city blocks, it was just a really decent movie. Stephen Caple Jr., Coming off the back of Creed II, I will definitely say, is a capable director from the branches of Ryan Coogler, but dealing with a big-budget movie like this is interesting and a sight to behold. With that said, this trailer looks GREAT!!!

So, I was never into the animal transformers at all so I know completely nothing about it, but doesn't this movie look beautiful! The robot versions of animals look magnificent, the way they move and manoeuvre. What looks like a cheeter, the bird (maybe a hawk), they look great! Is that Mirage or another autobot? I am definitely acting like I know more names than Prime, Megatron and Galvatron...oh and Hot Rod. Ok, Starscream, Soundwave and Rachet. It will be interesting to actually watch this and hopefully bring the franchise back to how it should be...maybe more like Bumblebee. Oh...and please have a Cybertron moment or something remotely close to it because that Cybertron moment in Bumblebee was soo good.


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