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(series review) - Final Space

I am going to be real honest. I tried to watch this show possibly, 4 times, maybe even 5 and I could not get through it. This is due to many reasons and none of my reasons were due to this show being either boring, rubbish, disinteresting or disappointing. The times I tried to watch this show was usually at night. You know, a 20-25 minute cartoon fix before bed, something I could just put on and not focus too much on it. More often getting through a single episode than the optimistic 3 or 4 before falling asleep because I was too tired. It was that or I kept getting distracted or I just did not have enough time. Every time I pressed play, I could not remember where I was until one day, I decided to watch the show, AGAIN...and from the beginning AND to be dedicated. I made this decision because deep down, I enjoyed the show. It was funny. It was engaging. It is Sci-fi among many other things I love, but basically, it seemed like a good story. Was it a good story at the end of the 3 seasons? Yes, YES!!!

Gary is an ordinary guy from Infinity Guard. He is not exceptionally intelligent or capable, he is just a good guy who wants to follow in his father's footsteps. One day The Gary (sorry Gary... you'll understand when you watch it), walks into a bar and sees a woman he instantly falls in love with. It is love at first sight for Gary, but Quinn does not give him the time of day until Gary tries all he can to get her to like him, but all his actions lead to him being imprisoned.

Whilst in Prison serving out his sentence and given a robotic floating sphere companion named KVN, Gary is on one of his daily tasks where he bumps into a little green sentient blob-like ball-thing with a face he names "Mooncake". Finding Mooncake cute and adorable, Gary takes in Mooncake and defends it from being captured from a being called the Lord Commander whom is after Mooncake. It is from this moment The Gary sets off a chain of events that include meeting a catlike creature named Avocato, and his son, Little-Cato, eventually Quinn and is forced into a situation where The Gary and his Team Squad are tasked to save the galaxy. 

But going into Season 2 we meet more characters such as Fox, Ash and a Titan named Bolo. Yes, a Titan. This show is wild. It's a goofy, comedy, sci-fi cartoon with tons of drama. An example of it's goofiness would be a scene where Gary dances to beat the enemy which is absolutely hilarious. Or you he his love for cookies and dreaming of cookie children cannot go amiss. The comedy lies between the characters such as Gary, KVN, H.U.E and Fox. Obviously this is a cartoon, so this cartoon is allowed to get dark, especially as this is not for children, but the drama it packs, I was close to tears in a few scenes throughout it's run. The themes of love, lost, rejection, friendship, parenting, motherhood and fatherhood, the show, whilst wrapped in goofy comedy, the show is quality. The voice acting is top-notch especially hearing the skins, the soundtrack is great and the storyline is beyond amazing. Let's think of Star-Lord from Marvel, with a little bit of a Rick and Morty vibe laced in everything sci-fi. Whilst I love to go on and on about this series, I risk of spoiling all the sci-fi elements the. show gets into. Whilst I understand this show might be a little difficult to follow at the very beginning , but once you get into it, essentially, it is a love story, written soo well. Try and give this show a chance and you might just like it, just like me. You might also be devastated when you get to the end. I hope someone picks this up


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