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(trailer review) - The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Ok, ok, ok! Bowser coming in hot! This is just a teaser trailer but this looks great. When this film was announced with Chris Pratt doing the voice of Mario, I rolled my eyes. Like, why Chris Pratt? It could have been ANYONE other than Chris Pratt. I mean, it could have been an actual Italian actor. So, now that the trailer is actually here, we can voice out our opinions on how terrible Pratt sounds, how it was terrible casting, how he doesn't even sound like Mario, that we think the "Itsa me, Mario" is too hammy, but guess what, this works! This actually works!

The trailer is only a teaser, but having Bowser coming in wrecking shop and having these blue "Twitter birds" defending themselves with honour only for Bowser to further destroy the castle himself, is excellent. A goon! A fire-spitting monster that looks like, if Godzilla had a turtle shell. I liked this little intro. Then having been introduced to Mario, in a strange new world, meeting Toad and actually hearing Chris Pratt's voice and he actually doesn't sound like Chris Pratt, reminds me of how Bradley Cooper doesn't sound like himself as Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. This looks good. A slight Lego Movie feel, slight...but this could actually be really good.


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