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(trailer review) - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

First of all. R.I.P to the legend and one of the greatest actors who was taken from us too soon. A man who showed us, through pain and suffering, you can still achieve great things. King Chadwick Boseman, may you Rest in Paradise.

Ryan Cooler was given a difficult task, but this trailer looks as though he has pulled off a feat which is Oscar worthy from just the trailer alone. To rewrite, retool, and direct a movie without the titular character, with the actor portraying them strikes me as tears shedding, everyday. Hearing how Chadwick was, makes me feel for the cast and everyone who worked on the previous movie even more. Everyday coming to work and your friend is not there anymore and the film is meant to star him. A struggle. This trailer, Masterful.

This trailer does not show that much more of the story than what we saw before. A siege, Namor, Black Panther, a potential flooding of Wakanda and a Battle. This trailer simply expands on those images even more and from what I can tell, different parties are trying to seek out Wakanda, possibly for their Vibranium, since they are now open, but their protector, Black Panther is not there to help them, so little sis, Shuri needs to step in with the help of the tribes (possibly) and Ironheart. The trailer is epic. The trailer has weight. The trailer has loss and emotion throughout it. While there might be a bunch of people who wanted T'Challa to be recast or they did not want a female (Shuri) Black Panther, whatever your reservations are, you are still going to watch this because this simply looks like the quality Marvel has been lacking for a while now and I can see this movie making #BillionsOnBillions, even if it is simply out of curiosity views. I think, laughter, tears and a great story with a different kind of hero emerging in the end. This movie is a long one, they are holding back on even more goodness. And if we can trust anyone, we can trust Ryan to deliver.


  1. In Ryan we trust great review 👍


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