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(trailer review) - Tales of the Jedi


I kept seeing the title thinking it was something to do with the Obi-Wan series so I brushed it off. You see,  DisneyPlus has these behind the scenes vid and interviews etc, so as I am not particularly interested in those, I thought this was that. I was wrong, soo very wrong. This is an animation from those who brought us, Clone Wars, The Bad Batch and others that are due to come.

Six shorts, two stories of fate and one Destiny? I don't know how this works but I am assuming, we get a story of Count Dooku and possibly how he went down the path he did, as well as one with Ashoka (probably due to the live-as action show they are working on), so it seems anyway, although there is a Clone Wars movie and Clone Wars series. I guess we will see with maybe more trailers. Whilst I do not care for Count Dooku, it should be interesting to see and learn. It would be nice just to see new spin-off other other characters in the Star Wars Galaxies that do not involve anything too close to the Skywalkers.


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