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(trailer review) - The Last of Us


Last year I specifically went out to purchase a Playstation 5 because of 6 reasons, God of War, Unchanted, Spider-Man (I almost bought a Playstation 4 in 2019 because of this game) The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and simply because I have not owned a Playstaion since having my Playstation 2 before going onto owning an Xbox 360 Elite. But when Final Fantasy 7 Remake came out, I had to make that purchase...making that 7 reasons. It took me around a week to get a hold of one, but I have promised myself to buy these games and play them because I have been looking forward to them for a little while now. The Last of us though, I have heard great things over the years. And with reviewers, those who report on gamer news and other gamers who have sung nothing but high praise for this game and how it is very cinematic and possibly one of the best video games ever from a storytelling perspective, to make the decision to make this into a film? Debatable.

It is known in the movie industry that whilst computer games can be cinematic and can lend itself to the format of film and storytelling as it is soo heavily influenced by, there is not even a handful of video game movies that have been great. But in this short teaser, it is possible, somewhat possible with the great Pedro Pascal, he may crush the role, especially with that line delivery, but my fear is, will Hollywood do what they are known to do and "Jazz it up" to make the film more palatable to a broad audience and simultaneously mess up the entire show? Let's just hope they know what they are doing and they have a great team behind them. To be honest, HBO has not missed much!


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