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(film review) - Bullet Train

I heard nothing about this film whatsoever and just like that, a film starring Brad Pitt and pretty much, an all-star cast of very talented actors came together for this movie and the trailer gave us a little bit of an understanding of what this film is about. Having seen the movie, I will point out that the second trailer shows a lot of the movie, in a bid to sell you the film. For those who have seen the two movies in the Deadpool franchise, this is from the same people who brought us that. For those of you who remember and liked (or like me, loved Smokin' Aces, there is a high possibility you saw the comparisons in the trailer. If you add these combination with a little bit of an Guy Ritchie flare, this is what you get. But was the film any good? Well...

Lady Bug (Brad Pitt) is an assassin who has decided to go about his tasks provided by his handler (Sandra Bullock) in a different way to how he used to work. He had a different view of life now and he takes a simple job to collect a briefcase and deliver it to a destination using the Bullet Train for travel. However, what seemed like a simple job turns out to be one that not only puts his life in danger at every turn numerous times, but pulls him into a bigger plot for revenge. It is pretty much a game of, dodge the obstacles and threats.

Straight off, I LOVED this movie. A lot is happening and it is a little fast paced in places but the movie is very detailed while it flashes back and forth through time to explain the story which is fairly straightforward, it just incorporates various characters that are caught up seemingly by chance on a single train. Lady Bug just finds himself in the thick of it.

This film is gory. Blood everywhere. Ok, maybe not gory, but there are some gruesome deaths while inventive and some very comical. Some actor's roles are a blink and you'll miss it cameo whilst others are scene stealing, although they are in it for a short period of time. The interactions, dialogue, acting, these actors had fun and you can tell. Brad Pitt is, well...Brad Pitt,, Mr. & Mrs. Smith excellent. The script is good, whilst the story is fairly straightforward with some elements being unbelievable and somewhat convoluted. "This" needs to happen for "that" to actually work and "this" person needs to be "there" and it pretty much all works out. Yeah ok!? It is a revenge tale at the end of the day, and a fun and enjoyable one.

The only thing I didn't like about the movie, was Brian Tyree Henry's accent. Whilst I loved his character. With Aaron Taylor Johnson, they made a great pairing as their banter was hilarious. Another thing I wanted, was just a little more with the side characters. Whilst I understood, some characters got did not require an in-depth backstory, a lot of these characters were just cool on their own and it would be a nice if there was a spin-off or sequel/prequel in the same vain as this movie.

I'd say, go out and watch it. It's fun in a good way.

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