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(trailer review) - I Am Groot


So ummm, although I knew about this I do feel like this was sprung on me. Am I in the loop anymore? Am I not bothered? Comicon is currently on and while I know a lot of movies will have trailers and there will also be a lot of announcements, I just was not expecting this one for whatever reason, although I was well aware of this coming out. Maybe it was soo low on my Radar, I was expecting the bigger shows and movies rather than this.

For a character whose vocabulary is only 3 words, this trailer was fun, cute and charming so I would be interested in these shorts and how well they may be. I am sure there is a storyline here somewhere too, but if not, who cares? It is Groot being Groot and who does not love Groot? I am just hoping there is enough of Groot saying "I am Groot" that does not grow stale too quickly.


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