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(trailer review) - Avatar: The Way of Water

I remember when the first Avatar trailer airred and people were enamoured by the sheer look of this movie. Sam Worthington was a growing star and so was Zoe Saldana. James Cameron was, well...James Cameron, the man behind The Terminator & Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Aliens (Alien 2), The Abyss, True Lies, and of course, the Titanic. With a filmography possibly just as long as Zack Snyder and not much longer, considering how long he has been in the game for, James has produced classics and films that break the box office records of all time. The first film did this and to my general and most recent knowledge, still holds that position. While the first film came out in 2009, 13 years later and this trailer for a sequel, part 2 of an additional 3? Looks absolutely amazing.

Whilst this is a teaser trailer, it shows us the key notes we need to know. It is several years later and the couple now have a child. The Na'vi seem to be deep-sea diving and exploring the depths of the planet whilst the humans seem to be hellbent on seeking out and possibly killing the Na'vi due to events of the first movie. This trailer doesn't give us much but beautiful visuals that are stunning, like...really stunning. Even the underwater scenes look like they have been taken from the National Geographic channel like a documentary with David Attenborough. If some of us was not as learned, we would actually think a lot of this movie was shot on location. Now that Disney own Fox...I can expect a plot at Disneyland dedicated to Pandora. Well, depending on how well the film does of course. You just can't bet against James Cameron.


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