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(trailer review) - The Umbrella Academy: Season 3

You know, they have been teasing the trailer to this show since the beginning of the year and I felt it was going to drop any minute soon. Any minute soon it will come. The trailer is just around the corner. And five months down the line, here it is. In all it's umbrella style glory.  If you have not read my previous reviews on The Umbrella Academy, I implore you. Have you not watched the series before, I implore you. If this trailer feel makes you smile, if they trailer makes you interested or intrigued, I suggestion you start from season one as this show is soo so soooo good!  It's like X-Men but the team of X-Men are siblings that only just about get on.

After the events of the last movie, the cliffhanger is essentially where we leave off with season 3 and that is an adventure into the unknown. Sparrow Academy! Who are they? So basically, another version of the X-Men team and from another timeline? I have no idea. Nor do I know if they will stay going head-to-head throughout the third season or come together to fight a bigger and darker evil. It just looks like a lot of fun really and if I am perfectly honest, The Marvel movies are just that, Marvel movies. They have a distinct feel and looks to them. Shows like this, The Boys & Invincible stand 100 metres apart because not only are they slightly more or in some cases, even more adult in style and presentation, these characters are being fleshed out in a series where we get to learn about them and empathise with them or not. A two hour movie will not do that.  With that said, although the MCU has crossed into the series world like WandaVision, Loki, Moon Knight, Hawkeye and the up and coming She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, this show and the others i mentioned are just that different and a touch more appealing due to the storytelling and what it has to offer. But we shall see if this new season chrashes and burns or is well received. I really did enjoy the last season.


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