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(trailer review) - Thor: Love and Thunder

(Teaser Trailer)

We had the teaser and now we have the official trailer which includes the villain with a little bit of a synopsis. Thor vs. Gorr the God Butcher. I wonder if they would call him that in the movie, I hope so. From the last trailer, that was a trailer just to say the movie is on its way. Thor is back! With the Guardians. With Korg. With Valkyrie and Meek. The whole gang is together and an ex. With the Hammer. With some guns and it was looking great.

This trailer gives you all of what the first trailer gave us and much more. There are a lot of new scenes in this trailer and it starts of with Taika who voices Korg telling a story of Thor Odinson and who he is to a bunch of people, possibly children of a planet, but then the trailer brings us Natalie Portman and her guns and hammer, the sheer shock of Thor and then the introduction of Gorr. Whilst not entirely comics accurate at all, Gorr looks like he is going to wreck shop, in a very unforgiving way. His design looks great and Christian Bale looks like he is going to chew up the scenary. One being with a purpose, destroy all gods! It will be interesting to see if this trailer is hydijg Beta Ray Bill as he was teased in Ragnarok. Another trailer would be nice but after that, I won't be reviewing any more as I want to go back to the 3 trailer release every movie of this ilk is known for; teaser, trailer 1 and trailer 2. Regardless, I am down to see it!


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