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(trailer review) - Gangs of London

Out of nowhere a show called Gangs of London popped up and hit us with soo much grit, I thought I was participating in Tough Mudder. It was a combination of the film 'The Raid' mixed with UK, British sensibilities, let's say, a Lock Stock or Snatch. Not to say that this show has Guy Ritchie all over it, but it has that type of feel and style minus the dialogue and banter. With action scenes that pour blood with the spitting of teeth through raw violence, not that far from the Netflix Dardevil series, possibly a little worse, this show packs more than a punch. So, to see this show back, brings a smile to my face, because every show and film I just mentioned, I loved them, so to get a second series...which is only right of just great.

This is just a teaser trailer which doesn't show much at all but I'm here for it. It is great to see the main protagonist back as he did a great job in the first show and I just wonder where they may go since the events of the first show. If I am honest, I am just a little apprehensive about the direction and if the second season/series will be just as good as the first as the first was such a hit, but I have faith in Gareth Edwards. Maybe I'd have more faith if he did The Raid 3 and did it like a family vacation but locked in at a hotel resort, a little like Die Hard (I guess), I reckon, could make a great movie. To be fair, it could be the guy at the end of The Raid 2 and the main protagonist going around in circles for two hours and I'd love it. Bring on the main trailer, I need me some action that is not just flash cuts.


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