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(trailer review) - Gangs of London: Series 2

Ok, so it is here. The Gangs of London trailer is here and I would be lying if I said I did not get what I asked for. Gasps. The exclamation of "Jesus!" And "Oh my God!". It looks like Gareth Edwards is back to form and I love it. I feel like we have had a two year pandemic with soo many shows shoved into our faces in the later half of the past year along with a lot of personal growth and/or challenges that trying to remember a show (I at least binged), the story plot and characters is difficult enough to remember everything what was going on and had happened. This trailer helps to bridge the gaps in our memories.

So we have the protagonist back and it seems like he is going to be caught in a fued with the main family and a new player/investor in whom will do anything it takes to control London. It seems the mother has a new identity and will be seeking war whilst London turns into a battleground for control and all gangs clash heads. It is great to see some fresh faces, but the trailer also offers a bit of a recap to some of the older faces, who had survived and what their roles will be with a bit of a peak of what had happened before and what is to come. With all the kills and stylistic shots with the camera, this looks absolutely great. It's nice to see something like this, of this calibre and on Sky.


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